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V4R Consulting was born because it firmly believes that organizations need support to increase their value, a different look to help them achieve it. We are a consulting company that increases value through the generation of results. 


We believe that organizations beyond knowing how to generate value have the mission of increasing it. First by clearly defining your strategy, second by carrying it out and third by improving it through the implementation of lessons learned. We accompany our clients to carry out this process of continuous improvement with Project Management for Results.


Increase the value generated by organizations.


To be recognized as the pioneer consulting company to use project management for results in multiple business fields.

    We have collegiate and certified professionals by SCRUM Study, PMI and PM4R.

    My name is Eduardo Herrera Founder of V4R Consulting, PM4R Expert, PMP® and Scrum Master. Expert in Supply Chain Management and Logistics and PM4R Trainer certified by Inter-American Development Bank with managerial experience in global companies. 

    Official member of the Peruvian Engeneering College. 

    "We generate value from your team ideas"

    Value for results

    We use best practices in project management.

    Why hire us?

    • Because we do not invent solutions for you, we help you to implement the ideas of your organization to achieve results that you can clearly evaluate.
    • Because we join your team and become part of your organization.

    let's work together!

    We want you to achieve your goals and focus on generating value for your clients while we help you increase it.

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